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Pixel Acres turns one

Today is the first anniversary of Pixel Acres’ launch. Actually, in my time zone the auspicious event occurred yesterday, but lets not bring the international dateline into this… In any case, my first blogging anniversary seems like an occasion worth marking.

mtv.com abandons Flash experiment

new mtv website design

Back in October MTV redesigned their flagship site mtv.com using Flash. Last week they redesigned the site again, abandoning the Flash experiment and reverting to an HTML design. On the MTV Labs blog MTV cite user dissatisfaction with the Flash version as being the primary reason for the switch. Alexa traffic stats show that the site had its lowest usership ever during the 8 months the Flash site was running.

Behind the ExpressionEngine redesign

I’ve long been a fan of Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain’s design work, and appreciate how openly he talks about his design process. Jesse was responsible for the recent redesign of the ExpressionEngine website, and over at Digital Web he gives us a warts-and-all walk through of the project. The article provides a fascinating insight into the workflow and problem solving methods of a talented web designer.

Expression Engine wireframe

CSS Advisor

CSS Advisor is a newish community website from Adobe. On CSS Advisor users can post their own CSS tips, or pose questions which other community members can attempt to answer. This question/solution format promises that CSS Advisor will remain more focused than the average forum, and provide a practical resource to call upon when faced with a sticky CSS issue. Within a few minutes on the site I discovered a potential solution to a long time CSS bugbear of mine – Safari’s ‘Wmode flicker’ when DHTML dropdown menus are displayed over a Flash movie.